As soon as guests arrive, they experience the feeling of a homely atmosphere, like in a big Bed & Breakfast. Something as unique as this is not easily found anymore. When we arrived here for the first time, it was love on first sight. It is worthwhile to come and pay a visit in order to sense the atmosphere of our hotel-restaurant and explore the magnificent nature around us. We entirely renovated the property during the last six years. We gave priority during the renovation maintaining the charm of the original interior, such as the beautifully preserved tile floor mosaic in the warmly decorated restaurant, the authentic wooden staircase, the nice French doors, the wainscoting and the preserved original window frames. We spent much time on the tasteful classic decoration and interior furnishing. One gets the feeling that time stood still here. What makes it so unique, is the serenity, the feeling of time and space, of quietude and relaxation. Originally, the hotel was the Relais de Poste of the village, where the people that lived around gathered, had dinner, stayed overnight and after breakfast took the diligence to travel to their destination. Not only the tile floor of the original waiting room for passengers – today’s restaurant – but also the old gate with passway for the diligence still bear witness to the early days. Today this gate leads to the terrace, the garden and the courtyard with parking and three big barns. The beautiful stone barns are in good shape. There are enough possibilities to exploit them, e.g. to transform them into studios, holiday homes, a wellness, or a second home. The large professional kitchen with full-length windows overlooks the cosy terrace and peaceful garden. Apart from regular tourists, two major hiking trails – the GR 4 and 30 cross each other in our village and they bring many ramblers, mountain bikers en cyclists to the hotel and restaurant from early spring to late autumn. We have therefore a good turnover in summer season. In winter, of course, the hotel attracts many skiers. The winter season is equally important than summer season. The hotel is provided with the approval for fire prevention and meets all regular standards. It is also fully licensed. The main bank branch of Crédit Agricole is prepared to provide an interesting loan based on the existing collateral. On top of that, an attractive subsidy is fully applicable. The hotel-restaurant is now very prosperous and ready for immediate exploitation when taken over. We will be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Contact T 04 73 71 90 03 or E info@hotel-providence.com. Website www.hotel-providence.com. Selling price The original selling price was € 875 000. However, in view of the economic situation, we decided to reset the selling price on € 675.000. Only basic inventory is included. Most of decorative furniture as well as the tailor made business administration is not. In order for the new owner to be able to continue straight away, one should add € 50 000 in order to continue working with our tailor made bookkeeping, customer base (with guest contact details since 2009!), future reservations which guarantee substantial income after take-over, overviews of revenues on day-to-day, weekly, monthly and annual basis, a profit and loss account and cost overview as well as an application for reservations. Together with the special decorations in the hotel and a training period in which we make the new owners familiar running it, the hotel should be ready for a seamless transition. Finances The director and business attaché of the local bank Credit Agricole considers our hotel a solid investment on which basis they are willing to finance the new owner with a substantial part up to 75% to 80% of the selling price. Naturally, that also depends on your personal experience, background and financial situation. Also the local Chamber of Commerce has to offer financial aids for new investors. Take a look on our website www.hotel-providence.com. Under the tab NEWS you will find our video! Movie: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_8AGGMrQtjVEJJaWNRdktVVkU/view (copy and past the link) Final Hotel building Video 2.mp4


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