We are happy to offer you the going on business in Montenegro: the 3 stars hotel with the Terrific Sea View. Take your chance to invest properly! The main advantages of the hotel are: a perfect location right on the sea shore , a private beach as well as a private pool. The territory of the buildings is 860 square meters. The hotel has two separate buildings which are surrounded with a big nice garden and as it is situated on a small hill , one can see the hotel from the town beach. Besides, the nice style of the architecture attracts the tourists ‘ attention. The hotel has 17 family rooms for 63 people in total. There is also a VIP villa (350 square meters) with five bedrooms and a private pool. The total territory of the hotel is 1400 sq.m. To get more details, please, feel free to contact us via mail bar@montenegro-bar.ru and telephone +38260020207, viber +79265347206.


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