Located on the shores of Lake Gatun, Province of Colón, previously considered the largest artificial freshwater lake in the world. The property is a historic building, former School of the Americas, in an ecologically protected area.
Potential for a hotel operation, 300+ rooms.
3 buildings, 4 houses, 3 swimming pools, convention center, dock and sports courts.
Offers ecotourism, nature walks, lake fishing, kayaking, night safari and excursions to important sites.

It is located 60 minutes by car from Panama City, 20 minutes from the Colon Free Zone (the second largest in the world) and 15 minutes from the Agua Clara Locks, Panama Canal, on the Atlantic.

This offer consists of 330,119.92 sqm under a Concession Contract in accordance with Panamanian Laws and entered into between the owner and the Government of Panama.

Renovated: 2013 and 2020

87.5% for ecological conservation, and 12.5% for tourist related activities.

The US Dollar is the official currency in Panama.



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